Guidelines for Admission

  1. Potty trained
  2. At least 3 years old
  3. Physical examination to be done within 6 months prior to beginning school. Form must be received by the first day of preschool for child to attend.
  4. Registration fee of $95 (non refundable) and 
    one month's tuition deposit (September's tuition, refundable until July 15th) 
    made payable to: Creative Learners II Preschool
  5. Registration form completed, signed and dated
  6. Admission form completed, signed and dated
  7. Copy of Birth Certificate
  • Classes will be filled in the order in which forms & fees are received.   
  • In the beginning of February Registration opens to the public.
  • Checks and forms may be mailed or brought over during a scheduled visit.
  • The fall school year begins after Labor Day & ends before Memorial Day.
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