Preschool Folder

We will use this folder as our main form of communication to you and encourage you to use it to communicate with us. 

When sent home it will contain artwork (ask them to tell you about it!), calendars, notes, activities to do at home, etc. Use it for notes, tuition envelopes and return "homework" (they will get a sticker). 

Please help your child remember to bring their folder each preschool session and they will receive a sticker on it! 

Monthly Calendar

Every month your child will bring home a calendar. It includes pictures that reinforce the Letter of the Week, Show & Tell days, Birthdays, Field Trips, School Holidays, etc. Please read and look at it frequently with your child. Hang it in a visible spot (e.g.: refrigerator) to remind you of what is happening each day at preschool. 

Monthly Tuition

Write your child's name and class in the memo section of your check. Reminder: A late fee will be charged if tuition payment is not paid by the first class session of the month. (As stated on page 2 of our handbook.) The only exception will be if arrangements have been made ahead with the director, Mrs. Palmer. 


Kindness Project

Our Preschool will be saving aluminum Pop Tabs. They are weighed and the money raised will be donated to Ronald McDonald Houses. Families can stay there while their seriously ill child is hospitalized. Ask family & friends to help your child save them & bring them to school anytime! It's a small way they can help others. 

Field Trips

You are welcome to accompany your child's class for our walking field trips. Please send a note as soon as you know you can chaperone. Have your child wear sturdy walking shoes, such as tennis shoes, for all field trips. (NO slipons!) A field trip may need to be rescheduled due to the weather and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.


Preschool Shirts & School Year Subscriptions

Sign up for these at Parent Orientation Night.

Preschool shirts & sweatshirts can be ordered.
Make checks out to Creative Learners II.

For 4 & 5 Year Olds - 
"Let's Find Out" child magazine -- $6.00

For 3 year olds -
"Clifford" child magazine -- $6.00

**In order to receive these teacher discounted prices, we must have at least 10 orders for each book club. Please pay exact cash or make checks out to Creative Learners II Preschool.

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