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Kode Voucher Bni November 2021

Kode kupon Bni adalah satu dari hanya beberapa paket tahap belanja internet terbaik. Anda dapat menemukan kode promo dan diskon dari Bni serta banyak penawaran lainnya di! Temukan penawaran terbaik dan kode promo Dari Bni Dan juga dari ribuan merek lain. Temukan kupon Anda dari Bni dan hemat dengan diskon dan penawaran online. Di sini Anda menemukan semua diskon yang Anda butuhkan di Bni terdekat, untuk menghemat pembelian Anda!

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Bagaimana cara menyimpan uang?

BNI Taplus facilitates your various banking transactions, convenience and many benefits. Only the initial deposit of 500,000 rupiah (Jabotabek) or 250,000 rupiah, - (non-Jabotabek) you can have a BNI Taplus account. It can be opened at more than 1,700 BNI bank branches through online facilities, depositing and withdrawing savings funds. You will receive a BNI debit card that can be used as an ATM card and debit card for shopping and other payments at home and abroad with the MASTERCARD logo. It can be used in BNI ATMs, with ATMs with integrated LINK logos in ATMs and ATMs and PLUS/MasterCard/MasterCard electronic teller machines worldwide.
BNI GRIYA is a consumer finance institution that can be used for the following purposes: purchase, construction/renovation, recharge, refinancing or takeover, housing, villa, apartment, apartment, store, office or land adjustment form financing needs and reimbursement for each applicant Ability.
BNI Mobile Banking is a banking facility that allows you to trade directly on your smartphone easily, safely, easily and quickly. BNI Mobile Bank provides balance information transaction services, transfer, telephone bill payment, credit card payment, airline ticket payment, credit card purchase, Taplus account opening, deposit account opening, etc. The BNI Mobile app supports Android and iOS OS smartphones. BNI Mobile Banking can also be activated and used for overseas transactions.


BNI was the first state-owned enterprise (BUMN) to become a public company after listing on the Jakarta Stock Exchange and the Surabaya Stock Exchange in 1996. In order to strengthen its financial structure and competitiveness in the national banking industry, BNI has taken a series of corporate actions, including another process of capital restructuring by the government in 1999. In 2007, government shares were withdrawn and limited public offerings in 2010. Currently, 60% of BNI shares are owned by the Government of the Republic of Indonesia, and the remaining 40% are owned by the public, including domestic and foreign individuals and institutions. BNI is now listed as the fourth largest state-owned bank in Indonesia, as evidenced by total assets, total credit and third-party total funds.

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